Student Creativity.

Students can be a part of this page by writing original works.

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Name : Avneet Kaur
Class : 7B

On the eve of Mother’s day

My Mother When pain and sickness made me cry Who gazed upon my heavy eyes And wept , for fear that I should die ?
My Mother Who ran to help me when I fell And would some story tell Or kiss the part to make it well ?
My Mother Who taught my infants lips to pray To love Gods holy word and day And walk in wisdoms pleasant way ?
My Mother

Avneet Kaur Gurleen Kaur
Class-7th –B Class-3rd-A `

God ’s Miracle

God is the supreme power , he says if you plant a seed, I will make the tree,

But this miracle will only happen with your effort to plant a seed So work hard to see the God’s miracle

Avneet Kaur Gurleen Kaur
Class-7th –B Class-3rd-A `

Today’s World

By Deepak Das, Class X

In this world, who ever made sacrifice
After his death, his family did not even get Dal or Rice ,
All corrupt people think that this is nice
It is like that a man being sucked by a lice
It is a new trend to supply pollution to the atmosphere
To get greenery, it is a chance of rare
Now good persons think that is not fair
Earth is covered with a corruption layer
New questionnaires which will take earth’s care
A new system is being created, i.e. politics
Every person in this game has a new logic and tricks
Every path in this way has a risk
Politician makes black money’s list
Because they keep the society in their fist
Day by day they are becoming beasts