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  1. Name : Garima Kohli (2012 batch)
    Date : 30th Dec, 2013
    Message : First of all, heartiest Congratulations to u for the successful annual day. It was really good, all d students, teachers, each 1 of ADARSHIAN participated well & made it a GRAND EVENT. All ur efforts of so many days came up wid flying colours. So, Special salute to u my Big Brother “Dr. ANURAG SAHGAL” and Principal mam , Director sir, especially Anju Mam; the way she was encouraging all her students of primary wing + greeting every 1 nicely.Thanks to both Anurag sir & mam who took out tym in such a busy event to meet me, my family nicely. THANK U All. Also BIG THANKS 4 my Award.

    There r many schools in Delhi… India.. but the best is D ADARSH SCHOOL for me & my family. Its a place where u not only study but its a place where u go undergo overall development. The only school where d principal, director, vice principal especially Anurag sir is concerned about each & every student & he takes care of them as his own sister/brother/daughter/son/friend etc..etc… Reallly, sir d way u manage things, love all ur school kids, d way u r dedicated to school & every child’s future is remarkable.That makes Adarsh a unique school. I wish if every school has 1 person like u & especially d concerned family like urs than tym is not far too see THE BEST INDIANS emerging up…. & i hav never heard any school giving away prize as “School ki beti” Award. congrats to ‘Garima Oberoi’ 4 it. Although Manisha was expecting 1 as sir’s sis. hehe.. Anyway… HAPPY ENDINGSs.,


  2. Name : Hanish Jassal (2004 batch)
    Date : 17th Jan, 2007
    Message :
    Hello everybody
    this is HANISH JASSAL
    passed out in 2004
    studied since nursery standard
    I remember my dys:when v used get up in the morning n had to reach school by 7.45am
    :when v used to get sometime late n stood in punishment whether it ws julys humid summer or octobers pleasant season or it ws januarys cold n fogy morning
    :when in classrooms v enjoyed n sometimes got punishment for not doing homework
    :when v used to get Notes in the diary n had to show it to parents n v used to sometimes gave excuses n sometime tear it off from diary
    :when our parents used to visit school during meetings n got our reports,always bad,
    :when during lectures some1 4m office, used to come n observe us everyday somebody used to get caught
    :when during every new term/session
    v used to oath that we wud study since starting n wud concn. in class n ……..
    but thing remained as same n books were opened a dy before exam

    when we used to get scolded every day during the terms of senior classes but v always remained as earlier n miss my faculty watever,whuever,how soever n all those budy PALS but still remeber those days which were a growing part of life N STILL MISS MY SCHOOL


Name : Gaurav Oberoi (2006 batch)
Date : 04th Aug, 2006
Message :
Respected principal, honourable members of the management, teachers and my beloved friends……
THE ADARSH…..the very world is synonymous with all the virtues that one can never dream of. Yes, the very foundation on which the school stands is god. Our teachers and school have instilled in us the cardinal virtues of honesty, humility, truth and and above all the fear of god. They taught us that the sky is the limit and reaching the destination is an onerous task. We all share a very special bond with THE ADARSH SCHOOL. It has been my second home for the past 14 years. It has seen me growing from a young, shy, timid boy to a confident and discreet human being. It is responsible 4 the all around development of our personalities. It’s emphasis on handwriting, character building, moral education, ingenuity and eloquence really makes us stand ahead of others.

I m extremely privileged to be provided with an opportunity to thank all my dear and respected teachers right from pre nursery to class XII who are the building blocks of our character. The foundation that they have laid in our lives through their love, consideration and patience has channelised our souls and minds. They r our role models and support always motivated us not to settle for anything less than the best.

It is truly said “Time has it’s own wings”. The thought of living ADARSH SCHOOL has always been disconcerting. How can I ever forget the beautiful moments spent here in the premises of ADARSH SCHOOL? ADARSH SCHOOL shall always hold preserve and cherish the beautiful memories we take from here……..

With your love, blessings and prayers, we promise to keep our school flag flying high. On behalf of entire XII standard.

May god bless u
Thank you
Gaurav Oberoi

Name : Gaurav Oberoi (2006 batch)
Date : 21st July, 2006.

Message :
HELLO ADARSH………. I, Gaurav Oberoi, ex-student of ADARSH want to tell u that i have learnt many things from my school. I am proud to be a student of THE ADARSH SCHOOL. I miss my school a lot. I also want to thank Principal mam, Director sir, Anurag sir and Anju mam. Whenever i was in any problem all of them helped me every time.Thanx a lot………….. I miss ADARSH a lot…………..and i miss all the teachers very much……..ADARSH is a GR8 school in Delhi At the end i will say……………



Name : Gandharv Sharma (2006 batch)
Date : 11th Feb, 2006.

Wht a g8t day to remember. one of the most beautiful day in my life. Today, Fission-2006 (our farewell from school) has proved that the school and the students have an unbreakable relationship amongst each other. It has clearly defined the various issues abt a student. Firstly, i would like to thank our respected Director Sir, Principal Mam and of course u (Anurag Sir) with all the teachers for nominating my name in 3 awards and making me MR. CONFIDENT. That moment will be rememberable 4 me. After that, the speech part…. i was becoming nervous regarding the delivery of speech by me earlier, but later on I managed. For speech part specially, I would like to thank u, bcoz u had helped me and Meenakshi a lot. Seriously, it would not be possible 4 us to compete at that moment without u. Next is the flag ceremony, which was a suspense and a new thing this year. That was also g8t. When I was holding my house’s flag in my hand, I was feeling proud to be the house captain. But frm now onwards, I will be called former house captain. And i will have to accept it. Next thing today to be remembered is the cake cutting ceremony. Today students coated ur face and coat with cake. That was so funny and u also joined them making the environment humorous. Good. Today, all of us proved that we all are different parts of Adarsh….when we all join then adarsh is formed.
But now the time has come to be part from this adarsh family. Now, we will have to leave and we have to build our future. Believe me sir, Adarsh school will help us further in our future bcoz it has provided us every thing to do best in future. And with its thoughts and ur blessings we will do best in our future.
Thanks sir, for providing us every thing that we all were seeking to be good citizens. And sir, plzzz… do not leave me alone if i require u. And be in touch with me in future. also if u think that I m helpful in future regarding any thing abt the school then plz… sir do not hesitate. I was ur student, and I will be always ur student. It will be an honour 4 me to do that work of any kind and by any way.
Lastly, a big thnks to adarsh school, our respected director sir, principal mam, u and our teachers. reason u know. AND SIR DONOT REMOVE THE PRESENT STUDENTS COUNCIL FROM THE WEBSITE, JUST ADD NEW COUNCIL ABOVE IT. MAKE IT FORMER STUDENTS COUNCIL. ANY THING ELSE, I WILL DISCUSSES WITH U LATER AND DONT FORGET TO REPLY ME Bye and take care of ur self and my school.
Gandharv Sharma
Former house captain, The Adarsh School, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-15

Name : Gandharv Sharma (2006 Batch)
Email :
Date : 28th Jan, 2006

Thanks sir 4 putting my name on website regarding Adarsh @ Google-earth. I m very happy to be a part of this and this all is with our support and blessings. With this, now the visitors will be easily informed abt the location of our school. Now, from ur side i want some encouragement regarding board exams and i will do every thing possible regarding the development of the school in any way. What i need is ur blessings and help. Once again, thanks and i m feeling honoured to be an integral part of Adarsh family.

Gandharv Sharma
House Captain

Name : Prabhakar Kudva (Ex-student)
Email : Not disclosed
Date : 9th July, 2005

I am feeling really nostalgic after seeing this website, the place where ‘it’ started all for me. Its amazing how much i miss school….those were some of

Name : Amit Bhasin (1998 Batch)
Email :

Hello sir,
How are you?…do You still remember me?…well i hope so…yes its me one and only Amit Bhasin \”the trouble maker\” who used to come to school once or twice a week…and used to sit outside the classroom or outside ur office…the one who used to be ahead in \”each n everything\” except studies…well you must be shocked by receiving my message …what am i doin in my life?is that what you thinking? right?…sir life is constantly evolving….so do i …I am in states in Los Angeles rite now…at my friends place…i came here for my break from school…after completing my 12th grade i did my comp engennering from pune and then went to canada…currently i am doing degree in asper school of business(one of the famous busines school in North America) university of manitoba…and i am living in Canada.My future plan is to do CA. Next year I am enrolling my self into CA program.well thats all about me sir. And sir I couldnt beleive that our school has website NOW….rite now i m very excited because for a long time i wanted to contact my respected teachers but couldnt get the chance. I know that i wasnt a good student in school…oh yeah..i WASN\’TT…but see where i am rite now withmy parents and your blessings ….i really dont know what to say rite now because i m so overwhelmed by a mere glimpse of the sChool where i passed my 11th and 12th grade. At this particular period of time i have to admit that \”ADARSH\” school is the best in New Delhi because what i have learnt in this school is helping me in real life.Personal advice:\”if you wanna be some one in your life go to ADARSH school\”.I have learnt DISCIPLINE…VALUES….MORALS AND PRINCIPLES…..AND HARD WORK in Adarsh. Beleive me in order to stand any where in your life discipline is prior than studies.I wont forget my two years in Adarsh. When some one here in America ask me where did i do my schooling i tell them in ADARSH school, then i explain them the meaning “adarsh” HAHA its funny.But after knowing the meaning of Adarsh they all get impressed.
i so wanna see you all ((u)Anurag sir, principal maam and sehgal sir)once again not as a indisciplined student but as a student who make his teachers proud….i wanna become someone in my life…its been three yrs i havent seen my family.I so want to see my family….my school my friends…my country…but….i have decided one thing I will going to meet all of you when i become some one in life….i really want to make my teachers and parents proud of feels so great, i cant even tell you…need ur blessings to touch the sky.i WANT TO THANK YOu sir for your punishments..for your strictness..and for your teachings.Your punishments made me a disciplined man. People who are reading this message should consider …\” punishments or strictness is for our own benefit… body like punishment or strictness in his or her life…but these two things are very necessary “punishments or strictness is for our own benefit… body like punishment or strictness in his or her life…but these two things are very necessary in our life. Never forget that our parents or teachers who are strict and who give us punishment are elder then us and always want \”the best\” of us.My advice to you all is Listen to Your parents and teachers they want you best, and when you will start listening to them the error margin in your life will going to reduce.\” Sir if i have said(wrote) anything wrong…please forgive me for that. Thank You again for making my life full of values and morals.
Amit Bhasin
Class of 1998

Date: Tue Feb 17 07:37:57 EST 2004


Name: Deepti Sharma
Date: Mon Mar 08 11:20:27 EST 2004
I am an ex-student of ADARSH & I wish to pay my gratitude to all the teachers who have made my life. I am a doctor & I want to thank Principal Mam & of course Sir whose words of advice I still cherish. Thanks to all.


Name: Suraj Sharma
Date: Mon Mar 29 10:40:55 EST 2004
I love my ex-school. Its a great feeling to be an ex-Adarsh student.

Name: Pankaj Mohan Gupta
Date: Fri Feb 13 06:24:10 EST 2004
Hi There,
I am an ex-Student of this school. With the following line i want to nourish my nostalgic feelings in our school, my fellow studens, my teachers and all the staff including parmatma. “Thanks for giving me such an amazing time when i was there.. i think i really enjoyed myself with all of uuuu…… Thanks for not making me feel.. out of place.. I really need to thank all of u for making me feel soo ccomfortable. I feel that words can’t be enuf to thank all of uuu..


Name: Naman Verma
Date: Sat Feb 14 07:55:57 EST 2004
I Love my School because it is the best school in west Delhi

Name: Monika Verma
Date: Thu Feb 12 11:34:41 EST 2004
HI People!!
well it’s nice to find this site…Good Work!!. when u get to know that u can make the contact with people and place where u have spent 14 golden years of ur life….it’s really great!! This homepage has certainly dugup some oldmemories for me.Hope to catch up with old mates and teachers .. two of whom(already the members) i know.. Anurag sir – “i still remeber manali trip”and Bhupesh.. who is the member of this alumani was my classmate and a brilliant student.. Hopefully more people will join this.. alumani Lastly i would like to thanks adarsh for giving me such good friends some of whom i still keep in touch with. Cheers Monika.


Name: Sandeep Gandotra
Date: Thu Feb 12 11:40:58 EST 2004
Hey hi allll ….its gr8 our school has its own website and alumni network… i was searchin for this thing from long time…this page has brought several golden moments n memories spent in this school those 14 special and memorable and adventures years …i still remember my “fights” with Anurag Sir and those cool trips organised by you every year….hope to see my classmates soon here… Anurag sir please do organise a alumni meet for all the X-STUDENTs… its been long passed out from school n not ben in touch with friends….. ya my seniors r there monika and bhupesh i remember them captains n school captains…. cheers guys hope to see more of my class mates joining this group sir plz do consider alumni meet


Name: Gaurav Malik
Date: Thu Feb 12 11:21:41 EST 2004
Our school is very nice. I praise that our school is strict because such a school in which there is no strictness,the student’s behaviour is not good and they free to make any decision of their own.


Name: Neeraj chopra
Date: Sat Feb 07 22:27:52 EST 2004
Thanks to Adarsh for what i’m today.

Name: Neeraj Chopra
Date: Thu Feb 12 11:32:57 EST 2004
Hi everyone,
This is Neeraj Chopra.I’m carrying the lovable memories of Adarsh and trying to be an Adarsh for myself thats the real faith i’m carrying to achieve success. Best of luck to all the students,all my batchmates and others who are the hope of tomorrow. I salute to Adarsh which is my first pehchan.


Name: Rohit Batra
Date: Tue Feb 01 17:22:04 EST 2005
Hi sir
I am rohit Iused to be in ur school in ramesh nagar, the adarsh preparatory school. I am in usa now. Say i to Gaurav Khathuria from me thanks

Date: Thu Feb 17 08:24:36 EST 2005